From the first session with Lucy, I felt an instant sense of relief and empowerment.

My team is thriving and I am happier today than I've ever been!

I developed vision, clarity and certainty and the tools to make it happen.

My business is growing and we have a waiting list of clients.

Small changes have created a whole new culture of accountability.

I am much happier at home. My family have noticed!

I can sleep at night.

Are you a Leader in your business working hard in a busy and perhaps difficult environment? You are not alone. We understand just how tough it is.

Have you ever received feedback from your manager, or team members that made you feel hurt or disappointed?

Have you been told you lack empathy, or you are too analytical?

Constant monitoring and advice from managers and colleagues can be really exhausting when you are doing your best.

Time is ticking along and still you aren't being seen for your potential.

It helps to have somewhere to go where you can be understood, lifted, challenged and to learn the skills you want and need to learn, safely, without being judged.

If you find it difficult to switch off when you get home, you are in good company. Millions feel just like you. Most just accept it. Only a few believe that they can change it.

Your choice:

1. Carry on. Over time things may improve. Your employer might see your potential one day. You might get some development...

2. Take control. Become the leader you want to be. On your own terms. Own your future and take control.

We have launched a brand new Leadership Programme delivered direct to you. It's called Stress Less Leadership, based on our our successful bespoke one:one coaching. We have taken the cornerstones of the work we do with our private clients, and created an affordable programme for you, giving you the freedom to become the courageous and inspiring leader you want to be and building a springboard for your future.

Don't wait for your boss to see your potential. You already know it is there. Invest in YOU and take control.

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