Already, just by one click of your mouse, you have improved your chances of career development and promotion.

Let me explain...

Most employees (statistics suggest around 87%) are wanting career development and progression from their employer
Most of them have been conditioned to believe that their personal development is down to their manager, or HR
Most are frustrated that they are not getting the development they need and want
Unlike you, most don't realise they have the power to change the situation and gain an advantage

In just one click, you have indicated your potential for a top executive position.

Top executives do things differently:

They invest in their own development
They hang out with others who are like-minded, who will push them on and celebrate their successes
They share their challenges and are supported through them by their mentors
They take control of their own future
They learn how motivate, coach, lead and make decisions

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As a result, they develop trust from their employers and they show up on the 'global talent' radar. So if you are currently missing out and are not getting the support you deserve, it may be because you are still swimming around in the pool with the 87%.

It is time to take control and learn the skills that you need to position you for real success.

Our doors are open. Sign up today for a unique and personal approach to Leadership training:


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Stress Less Certified Leadership Programme, Weybridge, Surrey (12 months to completion and certificate provided each module is successfully passed).

Your investment:

£1900 (introductory offer (standard price £3500, payments may be spread)
Attend group sessions Group 1 - 4hrs first Monday of every month from 3pm to 7pm, Weybridge, Surrey or Group 2 - first Saturday of every month from 9am to 1pm
Independent completion of assessments for certification (~5hrs per week, some observational and can be incorporated into your usual day to day routine)
What you get:

High quality leadership training focused around building great relationships and trust
Training that that digs deep but isn't heavy
Unlimited support via email or telephone between sessions
Certificate of Achievement from The Performance Business (upon successful completion of each module)
Stress Less non-certified Leadership Programme (virtual training)

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Your investment:

£1700 (introductory offer, usual price £2500, payments may be spread)
Join virtual group sessions 2 hrs once a month on the second Monday of the month (12 months)
Complete tasks throughout the month between sessions (~2hrs per week)
If you want to fast track your learning, take advantage of one:one coaching with our VIP Package.

Stress less VIP Package

Your investment:

£5000 (introductory offer, payments may be spread)
Meet with your coach once a week for 12 weeks for a 2hr one:one session
Receive unlimited support calls with your coach between sessions via email or telephone
What you get:

High quality leadership training, that digs deep but isn't heavy
Unlimited support calls with your coach between sessions via email or telephone
Certification of Achievement from The Performance Business, once all modules have been successfully completed

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or call Lucy on 01932 888885