3 words: practice, practice, practice!

Can you imagine an athlete saying – “I’ll be there for the match, but I am not going to come to practice sessions”. I think we probably agree, there is no way an athlete even at grass roots level, would get picked for a match unless they practiced regularly. In business, roleplay provides the opportunity to learn and improve, practice techniques, observe and try new ideas out in a safe environment.

  1. In the context of assessment, learning and development, roleplay (with experienced professionals) is currently one of the most insightful and useful tools available.
  2. Roleplay offers a learning experience that cannot be created in any other way – it reaches the kinesthetic, auditory and visual learner, increasing retention rates by up to 70%
  3. Working with our team, training becomes memorable, relevant and insightful.  We provide levity where it is appropriate to do so, which puts the delegates into a great state to absorb the learning.  We also know when to hold back and when to encourage.
  4. Proper use of roleplay as part of your assessment and development process really does transform your culture and communication, in the same way that training transforms an athlete’s performance.

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