Successful Leaders Choose

the EPiC Approach

1. Knowing your Purpose

There are 3 discrete and specific layers to knowing your purpose. Focussing on just one of them, which is probably how most leaders operate, is not enough – an EPiC leader understands all 3. In our experience, time and again, we have seen this work on its own transform a leader’s performance.

2. Leading with Integrity

EPiC Leaders perform in a way that is congruent with who they are. The EPiC approach embraces people’s differences, allowing their natural style to blossom, ensuring high quality leadership that is truly authentic.

3. Building a Team

Whether you inherit a team, or you build from scratch, it is the Leader’s job to make that team function to the best of their ability. This can be a daunting prospect. We give EPiC leaders strategies that help them to create a happy, well-functioning team that they can lead with confidence.

Leader hold meeting with his team

4. The Freedom of Process

EPiC Leaders are self-motivated, enjoying the freedom and autonomy that comes with the role. They want that for their teams too. That’s why we spend time working on process. Because it is the process that enables the important stuff, the creative stuff, the forward thinking stuff to get done.

5. Making Decisions

Leaders have to make decisions every day. Some decisions are easy, some are uncomfortable. Decisions, even the difficult ones, are made easier when we have clarity. When we have a clear definition of success. The worst possible situation is when we are so clouded that we don’t make a decision at all. We give EPiC leaders tools and strategies to help them to make decisions that move the business forward.

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