Hilary Dunstan

Principal Consultant & Director at Fastlane Results

Michael is one of the most inspirational people I know, who carries out his life and his work with passion and commitment. Michael really understands what is important to people, and with a natural quality to put others first produces both creativity and has strong impact in his work.




Michael is a charismatic trainer, applying his theatrical expertise to the realities of organisational and commercial life with wit, insight and a rigorous adherence to individual needs. He has a gift for encouraging people take risks that deliver profound changes in skill and confidence. He is also a brilliantly inventive creator of learning experiences, often as an immediate response to situations and opportunities.

January 7, 2011, JONATHAN was with another company when working with Michael at The Performance Business

David Pagliari

Marketing Director at AOL

Michael provided coaching to a number of my direct reports and it was clear that there was a demonstrable improvement in performance as a result. Michael always delivers creative solutions and can be relied on to deliver results.

April 2, 2008, David was Michael’s client

David Sibley

Consultant,Trainer, Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,WINNING Coach on Critical Deals

In my early years at Computacenter Mike work with me to give me some new insights and develop my thinking around presententing. I found this highly vaulable and use these principles today. Mike is a great coach and looks to stretch people and helps them get the best from themselves. I would highly recommend him.

February 20, 2008, David was Michael’s client

Sally (Fox) Duff

Account Director at Institute of Customer Service

Michael and his team provide us with excellent support when running Assessment and Development Centres. The acting skills he and his team display make business role plays come to life; giving us and our clients a real opportunity to see what candidates’ behaviour is likely to be in the work place. We also value the input they all make to the decison making process, offering us additional insights.

January 21, 2008, Sally was Michael’s client

Tony Green

Theatre Producer and General Manager

Mike helped me on a one-to-one basis to get the most out of my personal presence and presentation techniques – using a unique method of Performance Coaching through acting.

Over five 2hr sessions Mike was able to transform a shy introverted (but up and coming star) into a much more confident presenter. I still use strategies I developed with Mike today. It was a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend to those searching for a different and unique approach to over-coming those dreaded presentation nerves.

December 13, 2007, Tony was Michael’s client

Cathy (Catherine) Dunn

Experienced facilitator and leadership development coach

Michael provided an excellent and innovative workshop and worked hard to ensure all client requirements were met effectively.

December 12, 2007, Cathy (Catherine) was Michael’s client

Gordon Croy

Senior Procurement & Supply Chain Exec. with extensive international experience operating in Blue Chip Organisations.

My role requires strong communication skills and a great deal of presence when dealing with suppliers and customers. Mike’s unique and inventive approach added value from day one. His personality immediately put me at ease and I am sure his approach results in any one using his services feeling at ease and thus open up, experimenting and try new ways of working. He is very professional and of all the one to one coaches I have met, he is by far the most useful and value for money. Mike is a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend him.

December 11, 2007, Gordon was Michael’s client

Stephen Harvard Davis

Team restructure specialist that uses TOOLS NOT RULES to increase profits.

As an international business speaker I found Michael’s work on my talk “Why do only 60% of Executives succeed?” truly invaluable.

He worked with me over a period of seven months to improve my stage presence, the impact of the talks and my delivery skills. My bookings have increased measurably and my other talk “The Future in The War for Talent” is booked time and time again.
If you want to increase your impact, I can highly recommend him.
Stephen Harvard Davis

December 9, 2007, Stephen was Michael’s client

Colin Hurst

Colin Hurst is an Interdependent Organisational and Development Professional, Solution Deliverer, Capability Developer

“Michael and his colleagues have offered excellent acting/role play services in our recruitment assessment centres for entry and experienced sales representatives and sales management positions. This has proved invaluable, as working with professionals who are trained to respond to the situation (person) and then give objective feedback in their experiences has helped in providing tangible and objective behavioural feedback. This is only part of Michael’s business offering.”

December 7, 2007, Colin was Michael’s client

Roger Moore

Senior Regional Manager at Computacenter

Michael is an excellent trainer and highly intuitive. Would highly recommend.

December 7, 2007, Roger was Michael’s client

Jenny Daley

L&D Manager at Dairy Crest

Michael is a very creative trainer who pushes participants to reach their full potential in a constructive and challenging manner. The results he achieves are remarkable.

December 7, 2007, Jenny was Michael’s client


Peter D. Brooker

Human Resources Consultant at Brooker Consulting at Brooker Consulting

Mike has performed excellent work for me in what were constantly changing circumstances. He has consistently delivered and even surpassed what I expected; showing himself to be highly flexible and creative. Mike is totally reliable, trustworthy and he provides excellent insights from a developmental perspective. I enjoy working with Mike and would thoroughly recommend him to others as a personal trainer and coach.

December 6, 2007, Peter D. was Michael’s client

Anna Korving

Managing Director at Publicis Life Brands Resolute

Initially, we asked Michael to help our middle managers to increase their gravitas and leadership skills — this was so effective that he now works across the whole company. Michael helps them to think differently about their approach, allows them to find their own style and with his inspiration and insight, gives them the freedom and confidence to enhance their personal presence and impact. This is absolutely crucial to successful client service, and his work has made a measurable difference to our success.

July 6, 2007, Anna was Michael’s client

Stephen Harvard Davis

Team restructure specialist that uses TOOLS NOT RULES to increase profits.

I worked with Michael on developing myself as a business speaker. Even though I had been a professional business speaker for over eight years Michael was able to increase my personal audience impact and develop my stage abilities so that now I am being booked time and time again.
I have no hesitation in recommending him as someone who can develop “personal impact techniques”

July 1, 2007, Stephen was with another company when working with Michael at The Performance Business




Hilary Dunstan

Principal Consultant & Director at Fastlane Results

I have worked with Mike whilst with both Cisco and ntl, & intend this relationsthip to continue with B&D.
Mike’s energy, passion, creativity is very infectious to all who interact with him. Through coaching/workshops managers have not only responded but proactively changed their way of thinking and work practice, resulting in personal and professional success.
He comes highly recommended.



Judith Germain

Mike is an interesting character and uses his impressive acting ability to teach others how to be more expressive and have more presence during their speaking presentations. Introverted, perceptive and enquiring, conversations with him are challenging and thought provoking. You certainly think about things differently after spending time with him.

Mike “Freddie” Gordon 

Michael or Mike .. I’m undecided .. so I’ve settled for McNugget One of my first connections in BlackStar .. he included me in a workshop at the Old Vic theatre .. and I’ve been a fan ever since. He has the full repertoire … and I’d like to think we’ll develop some dramatic action together in the coming 12 months .. Connect with him .. truly an Entertainer XXXX

Social Entrepreneur Fraser Hay

A man of Presence, a man of substance, and a man who knows his onions when it comes to all things “presentation skills”. If you, or someone you know, needs help with their presentation skills, then seek out Mike today. He is a top man. Rating 10/10 !!

Sales Training London Marcus Cauchi 

Mike, I wanted to thank you very much for your training my clients. I found the insights you gave into how we layer our communication and what the impact just one missing component can have on authenticity and congruency fascinating and very insightful. As a group we’re very sceptical and question everything, but the feedback has been very positive. If you’re running any public workshops let me know and I’ll invite the team along. They all finally recognised how crucial their behaviour and communication is in the selling situation, and how incongruence in any of the components can at best deliver a message of in consistency, and at worst, destroy trust completely. I can see substantial value in sales developing the skills we only touched on briefly. A great session. Thank you. If you’re reading this and you recognise the critical importance of effective, authentic communication, internally or externally, and your business depends on the quality of your communication, inviting Mike and Lucy to help your business will be a worthwhile investment and you will see immediate returns on your investment.

Nicole Bachmann 

Mike loves to communicate – especially one to many – and he’s a very enthusiastic contributor if something tickles his imagination. So go tickle his imagination, and be present and alert when you meet – it will be well worth your while and you’ll discover an amazing man. I’m looking forward to my next 121 with him already.

Thomas Power

Michael is naughty and cheeky and likes to contest and dispute things. This makes him attractive and progressive and a different kind of person to be around. These are unusual characteristics in a single person and I like them because they challenge me to be on top of my game. When you spend time with Michael be sure to be alert and fit for the game.

Warren Cass

Impressive guy and really knows his stuff. He has the ability to charm and engage people and has a very successful business despite his modesty. A must connect.

Heidi Heyns

Exactly, Guy Massey! you have said it so well. I am most impressed with how he continues to put people out there…supporting them and lifting them up. He is one of the most visibly supportive and loving people in ecademy…I can’t wait to get the full impact of the face2face package!

Guy “Internet Video” Massey

Michael McNulty. What do I say about him? Forge a friendship and you know it’s for real with Mike. I’ve been holding back from giving him a testimonial as I keep discovering more and more about the man. To be totally honest, Michael McNulty is the complete package! I dare you not to connect with him.

Ciaran O’Brolchain

Michael ran a great workshop at Petersfield ecademy club last week – I believe his tips and techniques will be very useful in networking and social situations. Ciaran O’Brolchain

Martin Shepherdly 

Michael is one of the most giving and at the same time talented individuals I have met through Ecademy. I have immense respect for his knowledge and abilities and feel sure that we will over time develop a great working relationship.

Nick Keith

Mike McNulty is a warm and engaging guy. He gave a great interactive talk at Petersfield Ecademy in May 2006 on how to make the best of meeting people and presenting yourself well. So be sure to visit his website and attend one of his presentations.


Scott Clarke

Hi Mike, I really enjoyed the session last night and learnt some great tips on both verbal and non verbal communication skills, this has given me a focus on how to present myself positively. Thank you for your patience and energy, I look forward to meeting you again.

Mike Marlor 

Hi Mike, It was a pleasure to meet you last night and to take part in your networking workshop. I look forward to meeting up with again soon.

Jim Tuffin

I went to the Petersfield Ecademy last night to listen to Mike doing his stuff! Unlike the normal speaker, Mike is a real actor, and he helped us understand a number of techniques we can use when networking to make ourselves more effective and memorable. Making the right impression when you first meet someone is very important, and Mike used his skill to demonstrate ways to achieve this as well as getting us to do it as well. Great event, great teacher even if he is an actor. I highly rate Mike and recommend him and his services/products to you

Debbie Tarrier

Yikes, I can’t believe I’ve overlooked writing a testimonial for Mike this long! I put it down to the fact that since meeting Mike, I feel like I’ve known him a very long time, in a good way of course and I hope it will be a lifelong friendship! Mike is a bit of an enigma at times, however I believe that adds to the presence he has and his excellent balance of calm and fun ranks him high in my top Ecademists. Connect with Mike and greatly enrich your network.

Elaine Gold

Having attended a short workshop run by Mike yesterday, I can fully endorse what has been said so far. Mike is terrier-like in his determination to help individuals to fully understand what is happening in a simple interaction between two people, things we do regularly and without thinking are analysed in order to improve. Anyone attending one of Mike’s workshops or presentations will leave with heightened awareness of their own presence and their effect on other people. In addition you will get insights into how to improve your networking skills – especially how you describe what you do. Mike is fun and supportive, understanding the apprehensiveness many people will have at such an event, very quickly fears and self-consciousness disappear as you find yourself fully absorbed in the process. Thanks Mike

Jaquetta Book Design Trueman

I went to a talk/workshop that Mike gave the other evening which I found really inspiring about how to make a good first impression – as he says, you only get one chance to do so. He made everyone feel at ease before involving us all, getting us interacting and working on a more positive way to approach others. As a professional actor/director he knows how to make an entrance and a first impression. I highly recommend going to one his talks or workshops. Everybody there seemed to get such a lot from the evening – I know I did! A genuinely nice guy. Thank you Mike.

Tom Evans

Mike has a fantastic presentation style – he ran a workshop at the Guildford club last night and entertained and educated us thoroughly. He has kicked the 2006 season of events off with a bang and given me a real problem – how do we top that ? If you know of any companies whose employees are struggling to communicate internally or externally, you need to get Mike in

Jeremy Rix

Mike will encourage you to see how others perceive you, and help you communicate more effectively as a result. My work with Mike has been a real eye opener, and I’m looking forward to more, in particular learning to take more risks in the way I communicate!

Penny Power 

Lovely chap, a real thinker, a great listener and a man with tremendous presence. Mike has a company with his wife Lucy Windsor that changes people’s lives by giving them courage to make a difference to their future. Acting and empowering are two words that come to mind. Contact Mike to find out about how he uses his talent for acting as a life enhancing change for others.

John Cave

Top bloke – that says it all really…..

Stephen Harvard Davis

Mike has a focused and interesting product, directed at producing results for business in a novel and risk free way. He’s also approachable, easy to talk to and enthusiastic about what he does. I shall enjoy working with him

Shaun Gisbourne

Just received one of the best invitations i’ll get all year from Michael. His business is unlike any i have come across thus far. The Performance Business approach has piqued my interest. Liking what I see and hear so far, connect with Michael and watch out for him!

Sharon Sands

Executive Coach & Director at Adapt Training Development Ltd

Lucy and the Performance Business are our partner of choice for development programmes that require role play and theatre forum. She has a really high level of integrity which is important to us and has always provided high quality actors that partner our facilitation team to deliver fantastic results time and time again. Reliable, effective, creative and committed.

September 11, 2012, Sharon was Lucy’s client

Aly King

Development Manager at Adapt Training & Development Ltd

We request actors from Lucy at The Performance Biz regularly.
They are reliable, in quality, performance and timeliness.
Lucy has demonstrated her eagerness to get thing right – for us, for the client and for her team. Recommended role-players in the corporate world.

August 30, 2012, Aly was Lucy’s client

David Dumeresque


I used Lucy to role play for a course I was running. Her characterisations and understanding of the business imperatives were of the highest order and my clients were very impressed with her work and her versatility. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy and using her again if appropriate.

March 31, 2008, David was Lucy’s client

Jennifer Ibbetson-Revell

Currently on a career break

Lucy’s work as a Business Role Player has been invaluable to us and our clients. She, and her colleagues, show a level of commitment, integrity and understanding that is sorely lacking in many service providers. I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough.

January 24, 2008, Jennifer was Lucy’s client

David Sibley

Consultant,Trainer, Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,WINNING Coach on Critical Deals

I have known Lucy for many years and watched her grow and develop into highly successful focused business person. She is creative, whilst being a highly skilled great coach and has often helped me in a time of need. Lucy is a person you can trust, who has real values and is a great family person that makes her very special in every way.

June 13, 2006, David worked with Lucy at The Performance Business

Sally (Fox) Duff

Account Director at Institute of Customer Service

I have worked with Lucy at a number of assessment centres. Not only is she an excellent actor, who really brings role plays alive, but she also contributes much more to the whole process, by offering her own input on how any particular candidate performed. Being experienced in the commercial world this input always adds further value to the assessment days.

December 16, 2005, Sally was Lucy’s client

Peter D. Brooker

Human Resources Consultant at Brooker Consulting at Brooker Consulting

Whilst working with a mutual client, I see Lucy in role-play scenarios. Lucy really should be on the stage, or better still television. She really becomes “that person.” Lucy displays total professionalism and committment at all times, even when the client suddenly changes the ground rules! Lucy will give and receive feedback in a positive manner, she is a pleasure with whom to work!

November 15, 2005, Peter D. worked with Lucy at The Performance Business

Naveeda Mitchell

Intermediate Business Change Consultant

Lucy has a wealth of tips that can make a difference in everyday life – absolutely recommend her personal coaching services.

October 4, 2005, Naveeda was with another company when working with Lucy at The Performance Business

Jay Mather

Owner, WebStores (UK) Ltd

Having been on the receiving end of a coaching course with Lucy at the Performance Business, I was shocked to find out that I in fact, didn’t know it all already! Instead, I discovered that just because you’re a confident speaker doesn’t necessarily make you a good one. I now present with a new-found energy and audience involvement that I didn’t think I was capable of. We live and learn I guess!

October 4, 2005, Jay was Lucy’s client

Jamie Moir

Principal Education Consultant at CA Technologies, Sales Excellence Consultant

Having Lucy on the team at Computacenter was a dream. She was diligent, professional and had more ability than she realised! Whatever task she was assigned was carried out without question, unless she had a better idea which fortunately was quite often. A joy to work with.

January 21, 2009, Jamie managed Lucy at Computacenter

Su Walker

Sales Manager, IT Services at Ricoh New Zealand Limited

Lucy is an excellent account manager and extremely well regarded by customers, management and colleagues. Entrusted with some of the company’s strategic customers, she demonstrated a mature and inherent professionalism, achieving successful and productive long term relationships. Lucy is a delightful person, always positive, charming and completely genuine. Highly recommended personally and professionally.

January 12, 2009, Su worked directly with Lucy at Computacenter

Graham Burns

The Change Organisation

Lucy is an excellent communicator and dedicated team player.

Intelligent and motivated she is uniquely able, applying a strong work ethic whilst retaining her infectious and charming sense of humour.

April 21, 2008, Graham managed Lucy at Computacenter

Neil Evans

Regional Vice President & General Manager ANZ at Hitachi Data Systems

Lucy is smart,articulate and fun to be around. She has that rare ability of being able to navigate her way through complex organisations whilst gaining sponsorship from multiple stakeholders to create solutions for the client. A true professional and a person I would recommend to others without hesitation.

July 1, 2007, Neil managed Lucy indirectly at Computacenter

Martin Hellawell

Chairman at Softcat

Lucy was an exceptional account manager, working on some of the company’s most important accounts. Lucy distinguished herself through fantastic interpersonal skills with her customers and her team, creative and intelligent thinking, and sheer determination and commitment. Highly recommended.

October 5, 2005, Martin managed Lucy indirectly at Computacenter