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It’s Great To Be Remembered – Ideally While You’re Still Alive!

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Here’s a copy of a message that I received from Verbatim our valued virtual Assistant telephone answering service in my inbox recently:

“Message for Michael McNulty, taken by Misty at 24/07/2013 14:25:22
Client: 5585 – The Performance Business

Caller: Steve……… 
Tel: ……..

“Mr……… attended a course of yours a very long time ago. He thinks it was about 12 years ago. Ever since he has carried the yellow card with words of inspiration. The card has now become

very shabby and faded. He wanted to know if you still have these cards. Please return the call to advise. Kind Regards Misty”  

Well of course, I was flattered to think that Steve had carried this card around with him for 12 years and I would like to think that he also referred to it from time to time.

What was on the card? I’ll tell you in a minute.

Whatever was on the card, the moving feeling that I am left with is that my influence has been felt by someone who I didn’t know very well, but who had been affected by the words and actions that I had shared with him enough to not only carry the card (a yellow plastic card as it happens) but had been prompted enough to want to contact me and ask for a replacement.

So this prompted me to think about the power of what we say and do and the legacy that it leaves. As someone who has a strong spiritual affinity, the exciting and satisfying feel for me and  I hope for Steve is that the course that he attended has lived on all these years and the value has been sustained every time he not only looked at the card but also acted on what the card inspired him to do.

So what did it say?

Well, we ran a weekly course on Personal Impact ( called Inspire) and the we gave out a plastic credit card sized card with tips to make the most of every situation when you were going public, whether it be in a formal setting – in other words when you were about to extend your own persona onto a public stage; there were tips for preparing to perform. Let me share them with you now:

Preparing to Inspire…

  • Think of the big picture – outside your immediate situation
  • Visualise your audience acting on what you communicate
  • Practice being economical – less is more
  • Check the space before you communicate
  • Choreograph your message – use the space to its optimum
  • Ensure you have a Beginning-Middle-End
  • Think of clear images – ditch unnecessary data
  • Plan to ‘bookend’ key messages – Gesture-Line-Sustain
  • Decide on Entrances and Exits – be very definite
  • Be ready to respond to different atmospheres


  • Start with a personal anecdote – as unusual as you dare!
  • Control your message – pause if it begins to run away…
  • Repeat your key points (maximum of five) frequently
  • Dare to pause – hold it for as long as is uncomfortable!
  • Remind yourself – your audience needs to hear your story
  • Try to move without talking at the same time
  • Remember – you own the space and have as long as it takes
  • Use props to enhance your message – not to hide behind
  • Take the risk – adapt an unclear message
  • Repeat your anecdote – let your audience make the connection

Thanks Steve…is calls like that that brighten my day!

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