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We all dream – how many of us make these dreams come true?

Join us in Malaga to make this happen



Early Bird £1500 (valid before October 1st 2016)

What Does That Investment Include?:

  • Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 14.06.12Full immersion in Dream Manager Program©
  • 6 nights Luxury accommodation in Las Mimosas apartments
  • Flights from UK
  • 2 DreamMeals on Sunday and Thursday
  • Taxi to venue
  • Dreamwalk© sessions along the beautiful Cost Del Sol coastline
  • Facilitation from the UK’s leading face to face communication experts The Performance Business
  • Tailor made wellbeing activities such as
  • Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Massage, Dreamrunning©, Dreamwalking©
  • Many other experiences and surprises!

Engaging people, improving business

You will be totally immersed in a programme that usually takes a year. We will be able to transform your dreams into reality within one week!

You will then be equipped to make your dreams happen. If you are a business owner or leader of people you will also have a fully in depth, immersive understanding of the power of Dream Manager so that you can introduce this to your people, with us serving your needs along the way.

The Dream Manager®

You know, and I know – all of us have dreams. It is our reason for being to help ourselves and others realise our dreams. When we work towards our dreams we find new energy, growth and excitement in our lives. How often have you had a dream that just seems unattainable and you have then lost confidence and clarity about how you can make it happen? Yes, me too.

How many dreams have you got?

By the end of the week we will give you the tools to pursue at least 100 of your dreams with clarity, excitement and a new found energy.

We are running Total Immersion experiences with our good friend Las Mimosas Resort in Malaga.

The surroundings are perfectly conducive to creating the right environment to realising your dreams and managing them to a point where some of them may even be achieved by the end of the week!

This is a life-changing experience.

Study and research

Study after study show that most people are disengaged at work and in their personal life. Chances are, you are one of these people or you have a close friend or family member who is. Most adults spend more time at work than at any other place during their week. Shouldn’t the majority of our waking hours be spent contributing our best effort?

Our businesses depend on receiving the best from our people in order to grow, sustain, and thrive. Our country needs the best from our people. Our families and communities need the best from our people.

We believe that there are solutions to help companies, teams, and individuals become more engaged and contribute their best effort at work. We believe individuals, leaders, and organizations can all take steps to become better-versions-of-themselves.

Our Vision:

Engaged employees adding increasing value to their companies, co-workers, and customers. Organisations developing their employees to become better-versions-of-themselves.

Our Mission as a Company:

To provide world-class keynotes, trainings, and coaching experiences that enrich people to become better-versions-of-themselves so they can experience higher levels of engagement in their life and lead others to do the same.

Our Values as a Company:

  • We are committed to long-term relationships with our clients and making an impact in their lives.
  • Our biggest success is seeing our clients achieve their dreams, become more engaged in their life, and become better-versions-of-themselves.
  • Continuous Improvement. We strive to get a little better each day and encourage all of our clients and participants to continually look for incremental progress and improvement in their lives.
  • We are mindful of the Dream Managers, teachers, coaches, and bosses who have encouraged us in our lives. We want to be a consistent source of encouragement to others.
  • Servant Leadership. We seek to add value to our clients’ lives first and look for opportunities to contribute.

You and your people are here to become the best-version-of-yourselves. The focus of becoming the best-version-of-yourself is the most important project you’ll participate in, lead, or manage. When you become a better-version- of-yourself, your business becomes a better-version-of-itself, the Immersion Team wants to encourage and support you in that goal.

Our philosophy at Dream Manager® – Total Immersion is that you can only become the-best-version-of-yourself to the extent that your people are becoming-better-versions-of-themselves.

We serve managers, leaders, and employees from all organization sizes and industry types. We help your people achieve satisfaction, growth, and possibility in their personal life and they will bring that thinking and energy to work.

The Dream Manager®, was created to serve people in the pursuit of their dreams and to help companies engage their employees.

A common insight people share with us is that they didn’t realize they stopped dreaming until they read The Dream Manager. We are passionate about helping people restart their dreaming and maintain progress on their dreams. We want to encourage you to pursue your dreams and to help others to do the same. When you are pursuing your dreams you are heading toward a better-version-of-yourself. You feel better about yourself and you have more energy to serve others.

So get started by developing you. Immerse yourself in one of our programs for individuals. Consider one action you can take today to become a-better-version-of-yourself and do it.

Below are some of the many ways we serve individuals, teams, and companies. We invite you to browse our website and open up the discussion.

Opportunities for Individuals and Managers

Our Dream Manager® – Total Immersion experience is our fast-track route towards helping you and your teams achieve their dreams. We also run other events:

The Dream Manager Program webinar for individuals

Working one-on-one with a Dream Manager®

Executive Coaching for Business Owners and Senior Executives

Public workshops for exploring The Dream Manager concept

Dream Manager® Certification for Independent Consultants and Coaches

Teams Enrichment Experiences We Provide

The Dream Manager on-site experience for companies and teams bring this revolutionary concept to cultures and organisational development efforts.

Customised onsite workshops based on Matthew Kelly’s books The Dream Manager and Off Balance to boost engagement, teamwork, collaboration, and personal enrichment.

Team building and business strategy sessions with one of our executive strategy consultants.

Executive Offsite experiences for key leadership teams and manager groups, including our transformative Best Year of Your Life teambuilding workshop.

Ways We Serve Companies

Implementation of The Dream Manager concept at your company


Get in touch: +44 1932 888 885      info@theperformance.biz