4 of 8 ways to get into the zone and find the fun in your work

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By now you are finding 15 minutes in your day to be at peace.  Stopping the world just for that moment to recharge.  You have also clarified your purpose and are finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places and you are beginning to enjoy yourself.  The next step towards regaining your joie de vivre and find the fun in your work is: 4. Do something today better than you did yesterday.

Read on to find all 8 tips and for the ‘how to’ and ‘why to’ for tip number 4.  We will give you more information on each tip over the coming weeks and as you incorporate these tips into your life, you will be well on your way to regaining your joie de vivre and finding the fun in your work.

Daily checklist:

  • Be at peace and in silence for 15 minutes
  • Clarify your purpose
  • Find something or someone to inspire you
  • Do something today better than you did yesterday (for information on ‘how to’ and ‘why to’, read on)
  • Any time you feel tense, breathe deeply and be still – it will pass
  • Take responsibility for your wellbeing
  • Avoid blaming others
  • Write down one thing you’ve learnt about yourself today

Do something today better than you did yesterday

Have you ever resolved to make changes in the way you do things?  Launching yourself confidently with good intent into a new way of operating.  We probably all have at one time or another.  Yet, within a few days, maybe a month, we are back to old habits without even realising it.

Changes take a bit of bedding down.  We have to get used to the idea of behaving differently.  We need to have a reason to make changes, or they just won’t stick.

One way to create positive changes that stick is to remind yourself everyday that you will do something better than you did yesterday.  No grand goal, just something better every day.

Upping your standards, just a little bit every day, coupled with knowing your purpose (see step 2) means you have the beginnings of new habits.  It is quite fun to record your progress.  Over the period of several months, you can look back and see the enormous strides you have made and how easy it was.



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