8 of 8 ways to get into the zone and find the fun in your work

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This is the last in this series of 8 daily habits that will get you in the zone and help find fun in your work:  8. Write down one thing you’ve learnt about yourself today

Read on to find all 8 tips and for the ‘how to’ and ‘why to’ for tip number 8.  Do these mini rituals on a daily basis and you will find yourself in the zone and filled with energy and joie de vivre!!

Hold onto your hats – life just changed up a gear!

Daily checklist:

  • Be at peace and in silence for 15 minutes
  • Clarify your purpose
  • Find something or someone to inspire you
  • Do something today better than you did yesterday
  • Any time you feel tense – breathe deeply and be still – it will pass
  • Take responsibility for your wellbeing
  • Avoid blaming others
  • Write down one thing you’ve learnt about yourself today (for information on ‘how to’ and ‘why to’, read on)

Write down one thing you’ve learnt about yourself today

When was the last time you reflected on what you have learnt about yourself?  This exercise is personal development in a nutshell – an easy way to grow little by little each day.  After just one month doing this daily, you are guaranteed to feel so much stronger, more capable, confident and motivated!

List down one thing you have learnt about yourself today, whether it is something you are particularly good at, or something you have noticed you do that is holding you back from being the best you can be.

Then, whether you have identified a strength or area that requires some attention, commit to an action to make a positive change for the future.

Now, with a smile and a high-five, you’ve just given yourself the most valuable gift that money can’t buy.  You’re in the zone and can do more with less effort.  You hold the key to creating fun in your work and in your life!

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