8 Ways to get in the zone and find the fun in your work

By January 24, 2015Blog

zipper for the sky

Widget [noun & verb]

  • A small mechanical device with limited functionality whose name is unknown or can’t be recalled – unnecessarily applying too much attention to detail.

Sound familiar?

Have you ever felt like a widget at work?

Does it spill into your personal life too?

That feeling of working hard, doing your best, but somehow your best is just not good enough and stress fractures are beginning to show; just like a mechanical widget that has been going at it so long that wear and tear is setting in.

Everyone wants something more from you, something different, so you bounce from professional at work; to personal relationships; to family responsibilities; to maintaining hobbies and it seems you just can’t please everyone all of the time.

This chronic struggle slowly drains your joie de vivre.

So, we’re here to give that back. Help you to get in the zone and find the fun in your work, in your life!

We started by creating a checklist of 8 things you can do daily that will create changes, we call these quick wins.They take no time, just the determination to win back your joie de vivre and, like cleaning your teeth, they need to be done daily to build a new momentum.

In a moment, you will see the daily checklist.This is followed by some ‘how to’s’.We want you to really have clarity so you can make these small changes and enjoy the results.We have also included a chart for you to print out and plot your progress over the next month.

So, if you are ready to regain your joie de vivre and find the fun in your work, here is a good place to start.

Daily checklist:

  • Be at peace and in silence for 10 minutes
  • Clarify your purpose
  • Find something or someone to inspire you
  • Do something today better than you did yesterday
  • Any time you feel tense, breathe deeply and be still – it will pass
  • Take responsibility for your wellbeing
  • Avoid blaming others
  • Write down one thing you’ve learnt about yourself today

So now you have your checklist of 8 things to do daily. Over the next 8 days, we’ll post a short blog explaining how to’s for each of the eight and why they matter, so stay tuned for more…

Lucy Windsor is the Author of People Aren’t Widgets, Communication Specialist and Executive Coach. Call us on 01932 888 885 to discuss how we can help you and your organisation.


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