Engagement – The Hot Potato

By January 20, 2016Blog


OK – so we all know that ‘Engagement’ is the hot potato!

Why is it so darn hot? Engaged staff are more likely to:

  • Perform better
  • Stay in post longer
  • Leave their post for positive reasons
  • Deliver more
  • Offer more discretionary service
  • Provide more value per head
  • Provide better customer service
  • Maintain positive relationships at work
  • Feel happier
  • Have more energy
  • Make better decisions
  • Seek leadership rather than management
  • Speak openly and positively about their employer (great PR!)
  • Positively impact profit
  • Attract other can-do people into the organisation
  • Create a World-Class culture

Many companies have tried ‘everything’ to engage their people. They really, genuinely care about them and want them to flourish. Not just for the business, but because it feels great to know that the people working for them enjoy being there! I am personally so passionate about the power of people that I published a book on the subject and my business is dedicated to giving and getting best-in-class.

There is currently such a lot of noise in the market. A plethora of products and services. If you run a company of any significant size, you will likely have a steady stream of sales people beating a path to your door, ready to try to sell you the latest solution to engagement.

If so, I am looking for you. Inspired business leaders who really care about their people, really care about their business, have the power to make decisions and want to be the best, attract the best and keep the best. This isn’t about the latest idea. It is a measurable, tangible, quality programme. A game-changer that pays for itself in terms of people engagement and all its associated benefits.

To find out more, Send me a private message – lucy@theperformance.biz and I will commit to the following:

A free 60 minute consultation. (This is not a sales call. There is takeaway value in this time).

BTW – There is currently nothing on our website about this. We want to support YOU in becoming the FIRST, or an early adopter in your class in Europe and we will do everything to support you in MEASURING your success and MAXIMISING the PR potential for you that goes with it BEFORE it becomes mainstream.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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  • JulieB says:

    Very ‘engaging’ Newsletter!

    I have had the pleasure of working with both Mike and Lucy and have benefited greatly from their insight and input

    Huge thanks to you both

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