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Magnetism – How to change the environment around you

one earth globe divided into two parts, with a compass; concept of travel, but also as metaphor of finding the right way; earth map courtesy of  (3d render)

A magnet has permanent reference points.  North at one end and South at the other.  No matter what we do with a magnet, whether we turn it around, or push it toward another magnet, put it in a box, in our pocket, the magnet always does what it does.  It’s points of reference are fixed, yet a magnet has a multitude of uses.

Humans too, without exception, have fixed points of reference that comes from the core.  If you are a spiritual person, you might say from the soul.  We each have an entirely unique contribution to make to the world.

This is our core process.  Like the magnet has North and South, our core process is our point of reference.  Everything we do that brings us alive and makes our heart sing is in line with our core process.  Yet, only very few of us know what our core process is and even that we have one.

Without knowing, we are primarily influenced by our beliefs, our values, our life experience, our chosen external influences and the meaning and rules we have assigned to it all.  And as we know, many of our beliefs are picked up along the way, handed down from generation to generation, or from our teachers and peers.  Often these beliefs are out of date or even incompatible with a successful life experience, yet we follow them without challenge because that is what we know.

We now also have considerable mention of values in the workplace.  Values defined for us by others, that we are expected to take on board without question and live as our own.  When we understand our own core process, we can begin the process of alignment between our own point of reference and the organisational values.

It is easy to see therefore that if we are driven by a core process, that is as strong as the North and South of a magnet, yet we don’t know what that core process is, the only conscious reference we have is when we feel either good, or out of kilter (in conflict in some way) and we react to that feeling.

When we don’t understand our core process  in the way that we do understand the absoluteness of a magnet, we instead believe that the problem must be external in some way.  The other person is at fault, or needs to make a change, or has wronged us in some way.  And this makes sense to us.  Because why else could we be possibly feeling the way we do?

Without this awareness, we react to our emotions, rather than owning them.  We are driven blindly and without question by our beliefs, even those that are out-dated and sabotaging our ability to achieve our potential.  We become stressed and confused by the behaviour of others and by our feelings.

It is physically impossible to connect on anything other than a superficial level with those who don’t share our beliefs unless we are in tune with our core intent.  This is because we pick up on crossed energy at a physiological level, yet lack the awareness to be able to understand the meaning of the crossed energy.  Instead, we mistake it for a feeling of not being liked, loved, respected, heard.  We can also become ‘bullies’ or ‘pushy’ resorting to barking instructions at people, having zero tolerance of behaviour that we perceive to be lacking.  Or we can become victims, believing that other people are responsible for our feelings of lack of worth.

It is all B******t!

We are all magnets and have the power to change the environment around us.  We do this by discovering our core process.  Our own North and South.  And from that place of centre, our certainty, faith, courage and commitment shines through.

This is what makes us attractive and breaks down the barriers.  It is the game-changer that transcends everything else.  It allows us to take off the mask and be real.  People want to hear what we have to say when we live in alignment with our core intent because of our authenticity.  Magnetism is nothing to do with charisma, or extroversion vs introversion, or technique.  It is not about whether we are left or right brain thinking, or how many qualifications we have.  It is basic physics that is as fundamental as the North South of a magnet.

We each have the power to change the environment around us for the better and to create outstanding, positive, respectful and functional relationships with everyone we meet, whether we are selling, leading, supporting, designing, engineering, nursing, caring, driving, mending, building.  People aren’t widgets.

To find out more about creating real magnetism in your organisation, please call Lucy Windsor on 01932 888885.

Core process was introduced to me in 2006 by two of my most trusted mentors, Tom Evans and Nick Heap and was a game changer for me.  






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