What Planet Are You On?…How to Become an Out of this World Leader

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My name is Michael McNulty and I am a Time Traveller.

And I hear you want to be an Out of this World Leader?

That’s a bit of a mouthful to say, so let’s call them O(ut of this) W(orld) L(eader)s – OWLs.

Wise in so many ways.

Fear not, World Weary Humanoid, I am here on this small planet (let’s call it Planet Habit) to prepare you for Real Leadership in a way that doesn’t ask you to fit a mould that has been handed down from the annals of a Business School or an American Institution. We are going to get there through a much more exciting medium.You may well be a bit cynical about the prospect of yet another blog on Leadership. It sounds so corporate doesn’t it? How about this one: Authentic Leadership. Yawn.

Through Interplanetary Time Travel.

We are going on a fantastic interstellar journey – The objective?:

  • To give you clarity.
  • To lighten your load.
  • To take away your fear.
  • To release your Power through the stories that are hidden within you
  • To ignite your curiosity.
  • To encourage you to be generous and give, give, give.
  • To uplift you into being a Time Traveller too.
  • To inspire people around you to become Time Travellers too.

Out of this World Leaders (OWLs) are by definition Time Travellers. They have a compulsion to travel in order to Learn, Feel and Understand.

Two Fundamental Journeys
Enlightened Time Travellers understand that there are 2 types of journeys.
– The Journey Within (The Inner Universe)
– The Journey Without (The Outer Universe).
Time Travellers need to know that their journey is fuelled by the questions that they ask of themselves and of others.

This is our voyage.

We need to delve into the past, the present and future in order to find the answers. To be Intergalactic OWLs we need to take 8 small steps and 1 giant leap to gain our Universal Wings.

The most important power that you are armed with are the stories that rest within you. Some of you will be at an advantage in that you have already discovered the Power of the Story. Others will discover them on our journeys. During each mission you may be required to use this power in order to succeed.

We will travel vast distances through light years of events, and also tiny distances into the microsystem of our own mind – to learn, feel and understand our own beliefs, values, habits. All to be shaken up and challenged. Questions that we ask will include:

  • How much do we know about ourselves?
  • How much do we know about other people? Why should we be bothered?
  • What am I going to do with this knowledge?
  • How does all this help me to become an Out of this World Leader (OWL)?


If we were all the same, then I would stay at home, and be content to sit on my sofa and watch repeat episodes of Star Trek. Or Red Dwarf.

But because we are so different – so diverse, multi-faceted, infinitely layered with our own life experiences, then it becomes a drug that I am completely addicted to – and possibly the only drug in the Universe that does you good – the Elixir of Curiosity, Imagination and Action – otherwise known as the Time Traveller’s Tipple – See you sometime at TTA (Time Travellers Anonymous).

  • Imagination and Action
  • Time and Space
  • You and Everyone Else


We all have a Past, Present and Future. So much of it is forgotten, overlooked or unknown. So much of it requires the Time Traveller to go and explore it – perhaps from a different angle.

  • Who’s got the map? How do we navigate around this unknown territory.
  • Who are you?
  • What Planet are you on?
  • What makes you tick?
  • Why do you see things that way?
  • How do I get to understand you?
  • What fires you up?
  • When are you in your flow?

All OWLs have travelled a similar journey. Not only that, but by definition (because I have been inspired by them) they have been able to tell the story of their journey.
This is where we are going to travel…

Mission 1: Journey to the Centre of your Earth

When you get out of bed you might sigh – you are already carrying a heavy load – undefined, shadowy, cumbersome.

Challenge: You need to understand what fires you up and turbo charge your way towards clarity.

Mission 2: Crossing the Time Continuum

Because you are unsure, you become introspective and lack the curiosity you need to interact with others – you resort to automatic greetings and ignore the signals that other people send you. Your world stops spinning and you become stagnant in a robotic trance, day by day by day.

Challenge: You need to visit a few planets to fix on a mission that will surprise and delight the aliens around you.

Mission 3: Time and Space

In order to avoid the fundamental questions that you haven’t yet answered, you fill your day with busy-ness. This then restricts you from having to think too hard about the big picture and you think gives the impression that you are really important because you have filled your day with multiple tasks.

Challenge: Take your time. Be still. Give yourself a chance to learn, feel, understand.

Mission 4: Sixth Sense

Because you now don’t have any time you follow this routine day in day out. Your comfort zone is fixed. You never take any risks. You haven’t got the time. You aren’t in touch with your senses: those physical ones of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell but also that sixth sense of intuition – the sense that is informed by our past experience as well as something unknown within us – inherited or delivered by aliens who are ever-present. Ignore it at your peril.

Challenge: To feel the force and trust in your potential for becoming extraordinary – a risk taker of universal proportions!

Mission 5: We Come in Peace

You are going to meet some scary aliens out there: many who will challenge your claim that you are an OWL – who are you to claim such a thing?

Challenge: To become at peace with who you are and who your aliens are. To get them off your back and by your side.

Mission 6: Take Me To Your Leader

Because you are not used to giving unconditionally, it will feel uncomfortable at first and you risk going back to old introspective habits. You will also feel uncomfortable at the number of alien followers who will seek you and praise you.

Challenge: To welcome this new found attention and celebrate it with your new followers and supporters

Mission 7: Infinity and Beyond

You are now an Interplanetary Hero – but you must remember that a hero is there to serve and you must find ways to keep giving.

Challenge: You need to sustain the habit of Giving and Growing

Mission 8: You are the Commander of your StarShip

You now have the tools, skills and habits that enable you to command your own Starship

Challenge: What is your brand? What is your legacy? Are you still on their planet even when you are not present?
So, check your equipment, strap yourself in and be ready to journey to places you have only been to in your imagination.

This is Starship Storyteller to Ground Control. We are ready for lift off!!!
Tune in next week for the 1st Mission: Journey to the Centre of Your Earth

See you next week!

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